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  • Bruce Shields

The Coffee Talk Blog

Fair-Trade Organic Dark Roasted Coffee

Greetings, and welcome to the Coffee Talk Blog.

I wanted to add a blog to The Blue Heron Cafe website for a few reasons. The first is, I love coffee. I mean, I love everything about coffee! The smell when the beans are being roasted, the aroma when I am grinding them in the cafe, the delicious scent when they are being brewed into the perfect cup. I love coffee black, with cream, sweet, flavored, you name it!

There is much more that goes into a cup of coffee than people think. You don't just pour stuff into a pot, press a button and you get the perfect coffee. Of course, if this is how you make your coffee, sadly, you are missing out on the greatness that coffee can be!

There are many things that go into making the perfect cup, especially here at The Blue Heron Cafe. I spent weeks picking out everything I would use, from my water, to the actual machines and processes with them.

To help people understand the process, so they can understand the love and care taken by us at The Blue Heron Cafe when creating their coffee drinks, I want to share some of the process of creation, of course, keeping some of the trade-secrets, well, secret.

Before we brewed a single cup, the first step was choosing the perfect coffee. There are so many types, it was very difficult to choose the best bean for our signature coffee. But there were a few things I didn't want, and a few things that were a must have.

Firstly, I only wanted Fair-Trade beans. This was important to me, especially as a small business owner. basically, fair-trade coffee ensures the produces of the beans are not getting ripped off. For more information on fair trade standards and the organizations that help the farmers, you can check out this article on Wikipedia -

The next thing that was important to our coffee was that the beans were USDA approved organic. Now, I know there are a lot of people out there who would argue that coffee tastes great even if it is not organic, and I have had some great non-organic coffee, but I wanted a pure flavor that was consistent. and had no tones from chemicals or pesticides, etc.

While searching for a good match, various other factors come into play. You can find many fair-trade organic beans from around the world, so the next thing to do is drink a lot of coffee. Taste test the beans until you find the bean and roast you are looking for.

A local roaster had heard we were opening a cafe and contacted me about their beans. I was a little reluctant at first, but after receiving some of their dark roast beans and tasting that first cup, I was in love!

Next blog we'll talk about the water and how important it is to have the perfect water to match the perfect beans!